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Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Fever

The spring is always an exciting time in the life of athletics. 
There's just a buzz about the building for a variety of reasons:
* The excitement when our Ohio weather gives us a bit of sunshine and temps in the 60's and 70's
* Spring Sports teams are competing and the fall programs begin to ramp up with conditioning and 
    planning for summer schedules
* Spring Break, Prom, and planning for seniors graduating
These are just a few things that add to the "Spring Fever" in and around this time of year.
There are however, some tremendous accomplishments that begin to feel more of a reality for our soon to be graduating seniors.  They are edging closer to carrying on their legacies and passions to the collegiate levels. 
Here at Gahanna Lincoln, we have a number of seniors that have made commitments to play their respective sports at the next level:

  Brittany Reynolds – Volleyball – Dayton
   Mason Daniels – Baseball – Elon
   Brad Hull – Baseball – Oakland University
   Cole Gibson – Baseball –Oakland University
   Emily Hughes – Golf – Ohio university
   Erika Shrader – Soccer – Akron
  Loie Greenwood – Baseball – Wittenberg
   Brittany Oldaker – Softball – Eastern Kentucky
   Sami Shaw – Track – Northern Kentucky
   Riley Tanner – Track – Northern Kentucky
   Sidney Stokes – Track – Akron
   Tim Eidens – Baseball – Ohio Dominican
   Yazmin Norman – Basketball – Alderson-Broadus
   Rachel Browne – Basketball – Chicago State
   Taylor Acquista – Baseball – Siena Heights university
   Jenna Holder – Soccer – Rio Grande
   Jordan Holder – Soccer – Ohio Dominican
   Vasean Davis – Football – Notre Dame College
   Marq Williams – Football – Saginaw Valley State
   Kamazi Bell – Football – Siena Heights university
   David Cooper – Football - Savannah State
   Jake Mitchell – Lacrosse – University of Cumberlands
   James Higgins – Baseball – Clark State CC
   Natalie Shotts – Girls Lacrosse – Univ. of Alabama Huntsville
   Santiago Martinez – Baseball – Heidelberg
   Alana Monroe – Volleyball – Savannah State
   Gino Bucilla – Baseball – Heidelberg
   Diana Shamroski – Volleyball – Lindenwood University
   Nathan Matthews – Volleyball – Wittenberg
   Alex Will – Soccer - Otterbein
Jenisys Battle - Basketball - Baldwin Wallace
This is the list as of today and it will continue to grow, in fact it will grow int he coming days and weeks with a great story.  If you're familiar with the Gahanna Lincoln Basketball program, you probably notice a young man that was injured prior to the start of the season.  He's hard to miss.  Alonzo is a 6'11" basketball player that unfortunately was kept from participating this season due to his injury.  This didn't stop him, nor Coach Tony Staib from pushing his talents and recovery for the aspirations of getting on this list above.  This week, Coach Staib arranged for over a dozen college coaches to see Alonzo's progression.  And it is with a great sense of enjoyment and excitement to know that he too will be added to this list.  He's received offers to play Division I basketball after missing this entire season.  This is truly a testament to his dedication to recovery and Coach Staib's unwaivering support for his players.  So, congratulations to all of our seniors that will be building their legacies at the collegiate level and to Coach Staib for being commited to Gahanna! 
How can you not love this time of year...
well maybe not the rain...
or the wind...
or the temps that fall below 40...
and the cancellations...
rain delays...
 postponed games...
the fact that the seniors are leaving and heading off to college...
Anyway, it's still pretty exciting!
Spring Fever!