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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"The Janitor"

Six Directives from the book "The Janitor" - great, quick, little read by the way.

1) Recharge vs Discharge - Find a hobby, workout or regimented plan that you can involve yourself to Recharge your batteries.  For some, this may be reading a book, running, exercising or even working on crafts or hobby of sorts.  It is important to Recharge, rather than Discharge all your frustrations, anxieties or concerns on those around you.

2) View Family as a Blessing, Not a Responsibility - Your family truly is a blessing, entrusted to you; not a responsibility that you have to just deal with - like it's your job.  The fact that those in your family are a Blessing, should encourage you to take time to be with them, meaningful, passionate and significant moments of time to be with family.  Have you ever been with someone, but they were glued to their Blackberry, yet trying to have a conversation?  Not very exciting right?  Well, what do your children, spouse or parents feel like when you're around them?  Are you engaged in the conversation?  Or are you thinking about that next phone call, email or meeting? 

3) Pray; Don't Pout - What is pouting going to get you?  Despite what might have happened when you were 3 or 4 yrs old, that strategy doesn't necessarily work anymore.  If you don't believe me, the next time you're looking for that promotion, position or for your spouse or parents to agree with you; throw yourself on the ground kicking and screaming.  I'd actually like to see that - let me know how that works out for you.

4) Pass it Around - You have experienced life; the successes and defeats; love and the heartbreak; financial freedom and the inability to make ends meet.  You have learned from others that passed their knowledge, understanding and compassion on to you.  We must all understand that for this world, your world, we have a responsibility to pass that knowledge on to others.

5) Don't Spend; Invest! - This is not solely for financial consideration.  But a lifestyle change of investing yourself in others, family and those around you.  Don't merely "Spend" time, but invest that time wisely, meaningfully and with the care and consideration that you would to grow a nest egg for both the short and long term.

6) Leave a Legacy! - What do you want your Legacy to be?  What do you want people to remember you for?  How are your kids, players, coworkers or friends going to be talking about you when you're gone?  Better yet, how are they going to be talking about you next week, month or year?  See a legacy doesn't have to be something that is thought about or discussed after someone has passed on.  A legacy is what you are planning for and creating everyday.  So, leave your legacy with people the moment they depart your company.  Have those walk away from you saying "Wow, that guy or gal is making a difference; making it matter; or has an attitude that I need to have."

"The Janitor" is a quick and meaningful book.  Pick it up, you won't put it down.

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