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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blessing in Return

There was a young lady having lunch at a corner restaurant and reading a letter she received from home.  Upon opening the envelope, she realized there was a crisp, $20 bill enclosed with the letter.  Appreciative and humbled, she continued reading.  As she was reading her letter, she couldn't help but notice outside the window of the restaurant stood a raggedly dress, middle-aged gentleman, that appeared to be down on his luck.  She continued reading, occasionally glancing outside at the man and thinking about his misfortunes.

As she concluded her letter, she thought to herself that perhaps this man would benefit more from the $20 than she.  So she placed the $20 bill inside the envelope and wrote the word "Persevere" on the outside of the envelope.  As she finished her lunch, she nonchalantly dropped the envelope at the feet of the man outside of the restaurant.  She walked away - glancing back and saw the man pick up the envelope, read it and take the $20.  He smiled, tipped his cap and she continued on her way.

The next day, the young lady was walking down that same sidewalk when she felt a tap on her shoulder.  As she turned around, she saw this same man, smiling as he reached out to give her a handful of bills.  "What's this?" the young lady asked.  "It's for's the money you won, lady!"

"Persevere went off at 5 to 1 yesterday!"

Now there is a moral to this story...
It is impossible to unselfishly give of yourself, without receiving a blessing in return.

So today, be thankful and give blessing less fortunate than you!

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