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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Inner Voice

Every athlete has an inner voice of pride.
It is the voice only athletes can hear, pushing them to the brink of exhaustion, demanding excellence and condemning failure.
Failure, understand is the driving force behind athletes.
Every athlete has experienced failure and now train so they will not experience it again.
This inner voice knows the difference between training and exercising.
Many athletes exercise stopping when they perceive a limit or when it becomes uncomfortable to continue.
But only a select few athletes have the heart and desire to train unconditionally.
Only a select few push past their physical and mental limits.
Only a select few push past pain and discomfort.
Only a select few have the courage and character to understand training makes them quicker, faster, stronger but most importantly allows them to gain a mental edge on future opponents.
So when failure laughs in my face as I try to earn the respect and repetition, it must realize.....
each time I train, I not only hear, I answer ....
the inner voice.

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