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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Philosophy of Lion Pride

The Lion family is known as a Pride.  It consists of 15 - 25 Lions, none more dominant than the other.  A select few of the Pride do all the hunting while they raise and protect the young and ensure the survival of the Pride.  They hunt at night as a unit and they hunt the big game - bobcats, wild boar and wildcats - in order to feed the entire Pride.  While pursuing their prey the Pride will encircle its target as a few of the younger members approach from down wind in order to drive the prey into a waiting trap.  Coincidentally, in some cases researchers have identified "Centers" and 'Wings" in Lion hunting groups.  The wings chase the prey to the centers who would then capture the prey and in turn, bring it back to the Pride allowing for a feast.  If the trap is compromised, or discipline is not maintained, the Pride does not eat.  Therefore the survival of the species can only be maintained through teamwork, strict discipline, maintaining basic shape or structure of the hunt and making a "Play" when the opportunity is there.

Sound Familiar?

The Lions just spoken about have formed a basic play and their survival depends on each member doing their job unselfishly and making plays when opportunities arise.  The survival of our Pride also depends on maintaining discipline, maintaining shape and being opportunistic.  Someone makes a play so the team can feast.  Sometimes it will be the wings chasing it to the centers, sometimes it will be the matriarch who will make a save to protect the Pride, and sometimes it will be a group chasing from down wind to create a trap.  It is the sometimes, that always needs to be an option.  But regardless of who it is, the Lion Pride survives because of hustle, discipline, focus and looking out for one another.  It survives by depending on teammates to make a play you need them to.  It survives by playing with control.  It survives by everyone playing their role, performing to their best abilities and focusing on the task at hand.  Make no mistakes about it - We Are A Lion Pride.  We are a family unit that depends on every single person.  Take on the responsibility of being a member of the Gahanna Lion Pride and revel in it.

We hunt big game and we hunt as a group...Let's go Hunting!

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