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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time for Reflection

As the year comes to a close, it's always a great opportunity to reflect on where you've been, where you are and where you want to go in the New Year.
We have ample opportunity to evaluate our surroundings, evaluate others and even evaluate our services or business that we are a part.  But how often do you ever evaluate your self?

Below are a list of statements in which you can do your own Self-Evaluation.  A chance for you to look in the mirror and see what kind of leader you are.  I would recommend using this scale (1=never, 2=rarely, 3=sometimes, 4=regularly, 5=all the time).  I also encourage you to write a number next to the statement, this way you're telling yourself where you are and giving yourself and opportunity to grow to where you want to be.

* I maintain a consistent positive attitude.
* I embrace change as opportunity.
* I deploy courage.
* I take risks.
* I listen with the intent to understand.
* I communicate to be understood.
* I delegate and empower others.
* I understand others.
* I understand myself.
* I understand myself.
* I understand my situation.
* I am committed to being my best.
* I administer with excellence.
* I am able to recruit the best people.
* I hire the best people.
* I retain the best people.
* I train everyone and myself..
* I consistently motivate my team.
* I consistently inspire my team.
* I lead by example.

Now, if you've written a number next to each of those statements, total the score and take a look at your Leadership Scorecard.

85-95  You are the leader I want to be taken to. 
75-84  You are a good leader.
67-74  You're a leader, slightly out of focus.
59-66  You're leading, but you lack high level skills.
40-58  You're struggling to lead.

This Leadership Self-Evaluation was provided by Jeffrey Gitomer and you can access a PDF version of this test to post where you can see it every day,  go to and enter the word LEADER TEST in the GitBit box.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year & Go Lions!

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