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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Focus on the "Family"

There is a local radio station here in Central Ohio that broadcasts a segment called "Focus on the Family", it's a nationally syndicated organization, so I want to make certain, I'm not representing this group or any of it's afflictions.  It's simply a blog title and one that I think can prove relevance to what each of us do.

Ohio has been tragedy shaken in the lieu of the recent events at Chardin High School.  I will not attempt to understand nor explain the "why" of such a tragedy, but simply suggest what the focus on the family might provide.

Who is a part of your family?  Simple question.  Naturally, you would rattle of the names of your spouse and children, perhaps you would include you parents or in-laws.  But what if you extended your family to include those that are members of your 'Team".  If you're in business, you have co-workers or employees that associate with you and look for your leadership.  In the schools, we have teams of teachers, staff and students whom provide the make-up of our building each and every day. 

So, what if we truly viewed these individuals or groups as a part of our family?  I don't know of many leaders or business owners who define it this way.  But I would tend to believe, that by using "family thinking" rather than team thinking it's a much more personal business, and would tend to take more family actions than corporate actions.

So, who's a part of your family now?
What actions, opportunities or associations would you change through this thinking?
If your actions and involvements are based on what benefits it would provide for your own family.  Who would you be open to eating lunch with?  What family celebrations would you acknowledge (birthdays and special occasions)?  Would you as a "family" work together to provide a better living environment, look after your "home", pick up your trash or belongings that are thrown all over your house?  And what type of atmosphere would be evident in your "home"?  Is it more relaxed, is the language you use appropriate for your "home"? 

Whether you call your people a team or a family, as a leader and member of an organization, I think we have a responsibility to view each of our associates as members of our family.  That this simple assessment of each other, would change the culture and climate of each of our environments.  That members of our families would be honored and respected in a manner we would all wish to be. 

So, for the next few days, weeks and even months, make an attempt to view everyone on your team as a family member and see the difference this simple change can make. 

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