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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Once in a Lifetime?

I expect each generation can reflect on the amazing athletes that have competed throughout their lifetimes. Some might recall; the feats of the Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus; the coaching legend, John Wooden and his UCLA teams; the Babe; Michael Jordan and his Hall of Fame career as perhaps the greatest basketball player ever; and in the track & field era, the likes of Jesse Owens or Michael Johnson. Many of us can reflect upon the memories of watching each of these individuals or teams competing, be it on TV or if lucky, in person.

Well, here at Gahanna Lincoln, we have that same opportunity in its infancy - this year, on our track.

Jake Blankenship, Gahanna Lincoln student-athlete, University of Tennessee signee, defending State Champion, National Indoor Champion, National Outdoor Champion, State Record Holder indoor and outdoor, and the Bronze Medalist in the World Outdoor Championships in Lille, France.

Jake Blankenship, Gahanna Lincoln pole vaulter will be finishing his senior year at Gahanna Lincoln this spring and offering many of us a few opportunities to see his pole vault career in its infancy. If you've never had the privilege of witnessing a world-class athlete or an athlete that catapults himself over a bar to the heights of 17'6 inches and going for the National Record of 18 feet, then you want to get to a Gahanna Lincoln Track meet over the next few months. He truly is a future All-American and perhaps an Olympian. Knowing the drive and determination of Jake, once his mind is set on achieving a goal...that goal will be met.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to watch a spectacular athlete competing at the highest level. Best of luck to Jake and I hope you'll join me in catching a glimpse of his greatness.

Go Lions!

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