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Thursday, July 24, 2014

BUILDING the Legacy

I think when you get a chance to remove yourself from your everyday environment and then return, it provides an opportunity to reflect and in my case, appreciate where you spend your days...nights...weekends...well the vast majority of your time.

Not only where, but with whom and the legacy in which they're defining.

A nice summer vacation in San Diego was a great experience with my family and possibly a blog for another day, but in regards to a reflection on Gahanna Lincoln...boy are we blessed!

As we returned from Port Columbus and heading home, it was simply natural that we circled the stadium to gauge the progress of the stadium construction while away.  It's coming along and due for completion in the coming weeks.  However, that's just a small piece of the blessings that we enjoy in Gahanna Athletics.  A significantly small that an oxymoron...significantly small?  Anyway my point.

Since we began our Athletic Facility Improvement project, all through private donations, partnership and sponsorships - I have seen firsthand the many blessings that individuals, families and Gahanna businesses have done in support of the $2 million in privately funded improvements for our athletic facilities.  They have unselfishly, sacrificially paid it forward for the athletes and programs today and those to come.  The Bleacher Project is yet another piece.

I think, without offending anyone that has given to our projects...seriously, without the slightest intention of minimizing anything of what you've given...a much greater blessing that we enjoy in the Gahanna Lincoln Athletic programs is not the dollar amounts given, but the legacy that so many are leaving and building.  Those are the legacy of coaches leading our programs, the student-athletes working and competing everyday, the parents and boosters helping to support them, and of course the partnerships I speak of.

We have great people guiding, leading and supporting our programs!

That's a fact!

The accomplishments both in titles and facilities is a direct result!

So in reflection, Thank You!  Thank to the coaches, parents, businesses, families, alumni, individuals, and friends of our programs...Thank You!
You're providing an example for every student-athlete in Gahanna what it means to be supportive, generous, blessed and sacrificial in the blessings that have been bestowed upon you!

Go Lions!  All of you!

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