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Monday, September 29, 2014

Sharpen the Blade

It's hard to believe that we are entering the first week of October in the coming days.  This means a number of things;

1) We are midway through the 2014 Football Season
2) Many sports are finishing up their regular season and preparing for those final home games as  
     seniors on their respective teams
3) Golf and Tennis are getting set for post-season play as it begins this week

So, it's a realization of sorts of where we were - just a few short months ago, where we are - whether you're entering the post-season, midway through or approaching the final stretch of the regular season and where we're going - how is it that you choose to be remembered!

Regardless of what phase of the fall season you're in, we can all appreciate the importance of making certain that the values and standards that you stressed so heavily in the beginning of this season are continuing to be of emphasis.  Those values and standards were communicated with coaching staffs, players and parents.  They were discussed, instituted and implemented early on, making sure that everyone understood what is and will be expected. 
But just like the blades of your mower, it's always important for the efficiency and effectiveness of the product - that we take the time to
Sharpen the Blade


Over the course of the season, we often take for granted or simply forget that in order for your yard to have such a pristine cut - the blade must be sharp! 
Over the course of the season, there have been mows that were unobstructed - no twigs mowed over, no rocks that had surfaced to get in our way, yet there have also been mows that proved a bit more of a challenging environment.  That wind storm that blew through and left countless twigs in your yard; the new obstacles that somehow found their way into your yard (black walnuts or rocks); rain that springs new life and requires the yard to be maintained more often than you had planned.  Nevertheless, it is the overall use of  the mower - obstructed or unobstructed, that we must remind ourselves to take the time and Sharpen the Blade - for our yard to continue to look pristine when we're finished.

Athletics, business, education and life, is reflected in this very same manner.  Over time, we must remind ourselves that we have to Sharpen the Blade!  Don't let your blade get dull, because we simply neglect to pay it attention.  Your yard, your business, your life and your team will look much better in the end!

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