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Saturday, January 22, 2011

2011 Gahanna Duals

For those of you looking to get out on a Saturday, stop in at Gahanna Lincoln High School and catch some of the 2011 Gahanna Duals. 

Wrestling begins at 10am - here's the lineup:
10am: Gahanna - Canal; Davidson - Field; Teays Valley - St. Charles
11:30: Canal - St. Charles; Davidson - Gahanna; Teays - Field
1pm: Canal - St. Charles; Teays - Gahanna; Field - St. Charles
2:30: St. Charles - Davidson; Teays - Canal; Field - Gahanna
3:30: Canal - Field; Davidson - Teays; Gahanna - St. Charles

The 3:30 match with Teays Valley and Davidson always proves to be an exciting event; passionate, intense and great wrestling.  Hope you get a chance to stop by!

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