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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Be and MVP

Every team leader desires players who will make significant contributions that take teh team to the top.  In athletics, when a player steps up during crunch time, that individual is often recognized as the most valuable player.

The caliber of play comes from the caliber of the player.  Any team player has the potential to be the MVP, as long as he or she...

V - Visualizes what can be, not just what is
A - Appreciates other players and those associated with the program
L - Leads by example on and off the court, field or track
U - Understands the purpose of the program, the vision of the coaches and the goals set forth
A - Adds value to the team in every aspect
B - Believes in the principles being taught and shares those with others
L - Learns from mistakes and teachers others not to make those same mistakes
E - Encourages his/her teammates to achieve greatest beyond what they belive possible

So, you don't have to be the one that takes that last shot, that catches or throws that final pass.  You don't have to be the one that advances farther than any other player on your team or be the one that carries the load of your teammates when the the game is on the line.  Remember, there were plays and practices and preparations that led you and your team to that moment long before the final play was executed, the final race was run or the final ball was pitched.  Each of you...each of us, have an opportunity to be the MVP, but only you, only I can make that choice to the be the most V.A.L.U.A.B.L.E

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