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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Historic Day

Think back with me for a moment and try to remember what you were doing in the winter of 1968-69.  For those of you trying to figure the math, that's 42 years ago. 

Here at Gahanna Lincoln in 1968-69, a senior basketball player by the name of Mike Browning was completing his High School basketball career and had accumulated 1262 points for his career.  Mike would go on to continue his basketball talents at Clemson University and his Career Points record at Gahanna Lincoln would go on to stand for more than 42 years.

Tonight, another Gahanna Lincoln senior basketball player - Stevie Taylor will have the opportunity to eclipse that long standing record of 42 years and 1262 points.  Tonight, Stevie enters the game with 1257 points for his career and 5 shy of setting a new mark.

History would suggest that Stevie, upon breaking this record might see his total stand for another 42 years, and Stevie has six more regular season games remaining on the schedule and a tournament run.  He's averaging over 20 points per game this season, so when it's all said and done, he may shatter this total and leave his mark that hundreds may never come close to achieving.

42 years ago...what might Stevie Taylor be doing 42 years from now when his Gahanna Lincoln and Ohio University Basketball career is over?  What will you be doing 42 years from now?  And will you be able to say, I was there on January 25th, 2011 when Stevie Taylor broke that long standing record.  I hope you can.  We'll see you at the game tonight!
Go Lions!  And Go Stevie!

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